Colorado MahlerFest celebrates the life, music, and times of the great composer Gustav Mahler during a week-long festival, culminating in two orchestral performances of one of Mahler's major symphonic works. Originally envisioned to encompass a complete sequence of Mahler's symphonic compositions, MahlerFest is now in its third cycle and entering its 29th year, continuing to present all of Mahler's performable works.

Colorado MahlerFest
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Kenneth Woods, Artistic Director
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MahlerFest XXIX
May 18th through May 22nd, 2016

Symphony No. 7

Day-long symposium

Two orchestral concerts

Special events

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Photo by Keith Bobo
Kenneth Woods Announced
as New Artistic Director!

Colorado MahlerFest is excited to announce the appointment of Kenneth Woods as Artistic Director.

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